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P.J. Augustyn | 101.3 KDWB (Minnesota) | https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004880292497

“I work as a DJ 6 days a week and do a 5 hour mixshow. Music and mixing is pretty much my life. I am always looking for exclusive mixes, acapellas, songs I can't find anywhere else. Digital Music Pool is the place to find those items. Any questions, ask me! stcroixlive@gmail or facebook me at P.J. Augustyn and I'll give you the 411 on DMP.”
Reid Stefan | DJ/Producer | https://www.facebook.com/reidstefan

DMP is my new one-stop-shop for acapellas, new releases, and sharing my productions with other DJs. Thank you for creating a music hub that’s so extensive and simple to use!
Cosmic Dawn | Producer | https://www.facebook.com/cosmicdawn

Being a member of DMP has many benefits. In general, I love how easy the site is to navigate. Besides being user-friendly DMP is loaded with acapellas & instrumentals. The content is great & upfront.
Jay Dabhi | WNOW-FM 92.3 NOW FM (NYC) | http://www.jaydabhi.com

“Digital Music Pool is a great resource for DJs who are looking for the latest club tracks and pop remixes. What sets them apart from other pools is their vast catalog of Acapellas, House & Tech-House tracks that you normally dont see elsewhere. The site is updated frequently as well. Definitely recommend.”
DJ Prime | 103.5KTU NYC | http://www.djprime.com/

"Great Service for Open Format DJs, Extensive Acapella collection! I check it every day for new stuff”

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